Blog interview put up an interview with me. couple shots of some switch backside 5s from the burton nz open, and some questions complete with answers.

in injury related news, ankle is getting better. went for a hike today. hoping to be able to do the world cup here on tuesday. might be close though. we'll see

being hurt

the downside to doing what i do. being on the other side of the world, with a hurt ankle, sitting on my ass all day. pretty much haven't done anything in 5 days. which is basically eternity here. having been here 5 times, i've pretty much seen what there's do be seen. physio sessions, light workouts and that's about it. hopefully my ankle is gonna be better soon, cause i'd love to snowboard. pretty bummed (and bored) right now

but nz is one of my favorite places to play, and here's a couple shots as to why i love it down here.the traffic, epic scenery, snowpark, and pumping epic surf at the points in raglan. can't wait to play again. hopefully within the next few days!

nz pipe finals

pipe finals video.
oh my god. finally got it to work! this video has been jynxed and not wanting to upload.

Sat, 08/15/2009 - 22:57

burton nz open pipe finals

Burton nz open pipe finals. EPIC! The best comp I’ve ever seen.
Last fall I was asked what I thought winning Olympic runs would be. My answer was “video game shit” as I knew what I had imagined in my head, and knew where it would go. At the US open this spring, luke mitrani landed a switch double backflip and I tried a frontside double cork 1080.
Today, it became full on video game shit! Shaun had back to back frontside double corks, louie vito and nate johnstone were landing and trying (respectively) front double cork 1080s. luke landed a double michealchuck and a cab double cork 1080. I hurt my ankle in practise trying a totally new double cork (or at least haven’t seen this one yet..)
It’s a new world in pipe riding and it’s awesome. And really scary! Haha
There’s a price to be paid to learn these tricks. most tricks are just an additional spin to an existing trick but doubles are a little different as it's extremely difficult to save yourself if they go wrong. Shaun chipped his ankle last winter, Kevin pearce broke his foot, I have no idea what I just did to my ankle but it hurts like hell right now, and a few weeks ago I had a double go really wrong and I thought, for a quick second as I was falling headfirst, that I was gonna end up in a wheelchair.
I’m pretty stoked to see this level of snowboarding go down.
i made another video of today, or at least some of my favorite runs. The internet is brutally slow and I can’t get it to upload onto my blog so check my youtube account. Hopefully I can get it up there. Otherwise check back, hopefully it'll be up soon. enjoy

double video

if the below video doesn't work go check it on my youtube account.
i couldn't transfer the vid to the file type i usually do, so it may or may not work on macs!
or watch the comp friday on
it's gonna go off.

double down, the future of pipe

since this is all gonna be seen on tomorrow, i'll let the cat out of the bag early. pipe practise today at the nz open, the future of pipe riding.. sorry for the shaky, and the quick edit. net is still slow here so the video is real small.

new zealand

one of my favorite places in the world. surf and snow with in hours of each other, some of the best driving roads ever (if of course you like rallying), and did i mention surf and snow really close to each other...
just had a day of riding up at cardrona. all the boys are here for the burton NZ open. and i guess the telecom company is on strike so the internet is really really slow. so i'm out. stay tuned for photos and more of the happenings down here soon.

stolen bikes

so 2 days before heading to nz my primary method of training got stolen from my garage last night, along with my girl's bike and roommate's bike.
not stoked.

random mt hood..

hmm not too sure what's going on with my shots here in my draft (all in code) but, couple of random shots from trips 2 and 3 to mt hood this summer.
hich cascade digger van, love it, salamander in trillium lake where i was camping. obviously there's no bears, cause the garbage bins are overflowing with flimsy lids on them. having lived in bear country for like 15 years, this is totally foreign to me. i almost ran into a black bear the other day on a bike ride. garbage lying around freaks me out. anyways..

rode at high cascade for another week, drove home for a weeek then windell's was setting up the bag jump and the end of the pipe, so i flew down for 2 days to hit it and work on some stuff without fear of killing myself. everyone is all secrect on their tricks this year, which i think is funny, but i'm gonna play along and not really going to show you what i was working on. but there's frame grab in the shots. andy finch rolled by to hit it a few times with me, and was getting pretty close to some double michealchucks (yes i'm gonna show you since we filmed it for him). then decided to try something (?) that didn't end well. The bag jump kinda hurts sometimes, but you can walk away from pretty much any slam. speaking of slams, matt ladley was trying viking flips on a windy day at HCSC and got served. he was lucky, only got a broken wrist.

summer for a week then down to new zealnd for the burton NZ open, a world cup (on my birthday) and some surfing.


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