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winter seems to have a habit of taking over my life and i don't get around to updating websites and such much. so follow me on instagram - @justin_lamoureux and my facebook athlete page. 

Yeah this past winter wasn't exactly one for the books. Coastal BC had a very interesting time of not much snow which made accessing the alpine (where it was decent) very hard and made for some long days. Wasn't overly exciting at home, but good times were still had, just a little different. I had some pretty fun trips to the interior of BC. The most interesting was a splitboarding/camping mission in the bugaboos for 6 days. yup, haven't posted photos of that yet either. soon.  

also went up to Mike Weigele's heli skiing to take my CSGA lead guide course/exam. Super fun 10 days of mostly heli touring (get dropped off in the morning, tour then get a pick up late afternoon). Which you can check out some of it at :

But it's summertime now, hanging with my family, building stuff at, working on some other projects and trying to plan a trip down south to get some summertime winter in. 

enjoy the sunshine!




Backcountry Fix

With starting up some splitboard camps with Altus mountain guides ( I wanted to continue to share some of the info learned through my time splitboarding. So here's the first backcountry fix.. 

You're skinning up to a new line, way in the backcountry, you slip a little and catch yourself with a pole. SNAP!! Your pole is in 2 pieces. What to do? Call it for the day or try and fix it and keep the day going?

Having dealt with this a few times here's a Backcountry Fix for the pole to keep the day going. While a little bulky, it works surprisingly well.

You need duct tape or first aid tape (you have some right?), some pinky/finger sized branches, hopefully a few ski straps and a friend to lend an extra hand.

1. Line up the pieces and put a wrap of tape to keep them that way


2. Cut enough branches about the size and length of your fingers.

3. Start a partial wrap of tape on the pole then line up the branches and give them a good tight wrap. Get enough branches to encircle the pole (usually 5-6 pieces). 

4. Start wrapping tape on the pole, then over the branches, then back onto the other portion of the pole. This will help keep both poles from separating.

5. if you have ski straps wrap them tightly around the branches to add some extra structural strength. If you don't have them, just go for lots of tape.

6. Keep the day going!   

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