Oct 2, the new season starts!!

I'd say this would be great mid winter day, but instead it's the best October 2nd of my life.  

A freak storm in early october dropped over a meter in the alpine in just a few days. Jamie Bond (doglotion.com) and myself decided to hike, skin and swim our way up to the top of a line. We'd heard of a few other people in the area in the preceding days but new snow had obliterated any tracks. And we were definitely not alone. Couple guys in front of us decided to stop below the chute and only get a few turns in and another 2 guys were behind us, who followed our swimming trench up to the top of the chute. Not to let a good trail go to waste, nevermind the epic powder in early October, I 'convinced' Jamie a second lap was in order.  

Felt amazing to be back on my board. I'm absolutely lit up from having gotten such a good day this early in the year.

Seems winter has started. or at very least a really, really good taste of it. Enjoy the quick video edit.