the globe!

My last minute plan changing has paid off and I've won the world cup halfpipe overall title.

The pipe was pretty difficult for the contest day. Was just super warm and sunny here all week so lots of holes and lots of bumps. But as always, good riding still went down. Freddie austbo won the guys, followed by christophe schmidt then myself. On the girls side holly crawford won followed by mercedes nicoll, who's been having a good run here in europe with a 4th and 2 podiums in 3 contests.

It feels awesome to have won the globe. I never really thought about trying for it, especially this year where my focus was solely on the olympics. But circumstances brought me to europe and it went from there. I'm still pretty beat up from last weekend (it still hurts to sit), so really happy i was able to get some good runs in and finish the year with a podium and the crystal globe.

since this list is very long, i'm going the short way..
a huge thanks to Kimmie, my family and all my friends for the support, todd at perform x training, Canada snowboard and own the podium, and i have to say a big thanks to my sponsors for all the help. Bataleon snowboards, bern helmets, whistler/blackcomb, dakine, cheetah factory racing, reef, surefoot whistler, and rude boys snowboard shop in banff who've been supporting me for pretty much ever.
this year's been awesome.