olympic life part 1

wow, unreal week since the pipe last week. Gonna try and get some posts up about olympic life after your event is done.
The night after pipe, i left and went home to squamish to hang out with my family and have a big breakfast with some friends, then ran back down to the city to catch the girls pipe event. All of them were ripping. Fun to watch it all go down. The crowd was going crazy again. So sick. We all had a great time running into friends in the stands and running into some personalities. My favorite was being able to chat with jake burton for a little while and fill him in on a few stashes for his upcoming day up on blackomb. He was pretty stoked to get some local info on lines.
The following day was all about running around doing media appearances and interviews. Followed by getting to watch the latvia-czech hockey game with my family. Still a crazy crowd! unbelievable the fans that come out to the olympics from fairly random countries (latvia) and in force!
For the weekend i went back home and hit up some blackcomb backountry with my brothers one day and a few friends the next. Both my brothers are really good skiers, so it was fun to be able to scare them a bit and get them in on some good lines. One of them hasn't skied out west much, so his eyes were fairly wide seeing me walk to the edge of big cliffs and call him over. Super fun weekend of shredding in full bluebird. soo nice out.
More to come, I got the canada-slovakia game to get too! OOOWWWW!

'06 cdn guys pipe team watching the girls pipe event. myself, hugo lemay, crispin lipscomb and brad martin

jake burton and myself. 2 olympics for me and 2 photos with jake. haha

It might suck trying to follow your little brother who's an olympian known for hiking... those 2 dots are my brothers sucking wind.

my oldest brother claude dropping in

One of the objectives of sunday, decker mtn

Hiking up to decker mtn, my girlfriend kimmie following the boot pack