mammoth GP #1 finals and #2 quals

couple more runs from the comp down here in mammoth.
the first run is my run from the first GP final (13th place). I had a different idea in the start but made up a new run as i went along.
and the next 2 are my quals runs from the second GP. missed finals and got 22nd. Probably would have made it had i landed the first run.
I don't really like doing the same run twice, and kept trying to change my runs a little bit every time. my quals runs today were pretty similar to the other day but was going to go switch back 720 on the first one on the last hit, and added a fs 9 to the second one. too bad i cant seem to do straight airs this week, def hurts when you're rolling down the windows on a straight air.
Pipe was amazing again. The wind sucked though. I'm sure finals is gonna be another good show tomorrow. Then a week of shredding here before heading home for a few days then stoneham. I'll try to get another vid up later this week.

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