going home hurt. lame action

i've been pretty optomistic about being able to ride in the world cup this week. but after a few attempts at riding, a bunch of different taping methods on my ankle. it's just too sore to ride. So one of our team physios has basically called me home to get it looked at. no more nz.

tonight we've got our 5th annual Wanaka birthday party. team bahamas' Kory wright and my birthday's and we just found out our MTV filmer's birthday is today also.

we've got an "extreme" day tomorrow which should be awesome. especially since i've been pretty sedate for the last week and a half. bungee, jet boating and the canyon swing, which is a 300 foot pendulum swing through a river canyon. then i'm off to canada.

the world cup finals are today, so i'll try and get some footage to put up on here sometime this week. and when i get home and the net works normally, i'll put up some more photos of the trip down here and our day of jumping off stuff.