mt hood

just came home from mt hood. been riding at high cascade snowboard camp in their 22 foot pipe. was a pretty good time. pipe is good and the scene is mellow. if you consider about 20 of the worlds best pipe riders going at it everyday mellow... shaun white, steve fisher, louie vito, scotty lago, gretchen bleiler, kelly clark, mathieu crepel, nate johnstone, jj thomas to name a few... needless to say the sessions are going down hot and this winter is gonna be crazy.

i was camping, and will be again next week, down at trillium lake. epic view of the mtn and salamanders everywhere in the lake. which i think is pretty cool cause i had salamanders as a kid. lago and the mitrani brothers where also camped out down there, just around the corner from me. was fun times hanging with the boys. luke has gotten himself a pretty serious camping setup. biggest tent i've ever seen and it has a wood burning stove in it!

i'm home in squamish for a few days, biking, climbing, skating and resting up for another session down at hood come friday.

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