game time

The opening ceremonies the other night were unreal, which if you caught it on TV you'd probabaly agree with. The part you don't see is how long the night is for the athletes. It starts in the village around 3pm. We had a canadian get together in the village. Then you make your way over to the ice rink via bus. Hang out in the rink for a while as the other countries slowly filter out.
Being the host country, we walked in last, so we had a while to wait in the rink. Then it's a short walk over to GM place. We then all hang out in the bowels of the stadium in a HUGE lineup and slowly make our way around the inside. Having the performers and volunteers cheer us on as we passed by was awesome. Finally we get a view of the stadium and we're walking in. Words cannot describe how amazing that walk in was. the roar of the crowd was unreal! To make it 2 for 2, brad martin and i walked in together and enjoyed our second opening ceremonies. The whole night was amazing.

rob fagan and myself at the end of the night

Since then we've been hanging out in the village, work outs, eating, watching the games and playing some video games.
and yes, if you're wondering the hockey guys are staying in the village. In here they're just as good as everyone else. Marnie Mcbean (olympic gold medal rower/ works in the village with the atheletes now) just nearly kicked scott niedermyer out of the canada athlete's lounge, before realizing who he was. She doesnt follow hockey much. Without a hockey shirt and gear on i don't recognize the guys either really!

We finally got in the pipe last night, and the shape is really good. Little soft from the previous night's rain but there's a great crew working up there and it should be all good for the comp on wednesday.
Currently I'm watching the guys snowboard cross quals. I wishi i could make it up there to support my frineds but i've got my own schedule to follow until pipe is done.
Go canada!

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