burton nz open pipe finals

Burton nz open pipe finals. EPIC! The best comp I’ve ever seen.
Last fall I was asked what I thought winning Olympic runs would be. My answer was “video game shit” as I knew what I had imagined in my head, and knew where it would go. At the US open this spring, luke mitrani landed a switch double backflip and I tried a frontside double cork 1080.
Today, it became full on video game shit! Shaun had back to back frontside double corks, louie vito and nate johnstone were landing and trying (respectively) front double cork 1080s. luke landed a double michealchuck and a cab double cork 1080. I hurt my ankle in practise trying a totally new double cork (or at least haven’t seen this one yet..)
It’s a new world in pipe riding and it’s awesome. And really scary! Haha
There’s a price to be paid to learn these tricks. most tricks are just an additional spin to an existing trick but doubles are a little different as it's extremely difficult to save yourself if they go wrong. Shaun chipped his ankle last winter, Kevin pearce broke his foot, I have no idea what I just did to my ankle but it hurts like hell right now, and a few weeks ago I had a double go really wrong and I thought, for a quick second as I was falling headfirst, that I was gonna end up in a wheelchair.
I’m pretty stoked to see this level of snowboarding go down.
i made another video of today, or at least some of my favorite runs. The internet is brutally slow and I can’t get it to upload onto my blog so check my youtube account. Hopefully I can get it up there. Otherwise check back, hopefully it'll be up soon. enjoy