2 things for me to be real happy about..

I recently signed with Arcteryx. So pumped to be supported by a company from Vancouver and obviously the gear is amazing. Really excited to work with everyone there and looking forward to trying to beat up their stuff.

Finally this weekend I was able to head out with some good friends and get some shooting done. I've missed a few sunny good days due to being at trade shows or a contest, and it seems like everytime I've been home it's been snowing (not that I mind) or the avalanche conditions aren't the greatest. Just hasn't been that good for getting out and shooting. So Sunday was able to head out with jeff and brendan keenan and jeff patterson. Along with a few friends on the videograss crew we were able to punch up into one of our favorite zones following a good storm. The avalanche conditions were somewhat touchy but allowed us to hit some features.

The clip above is from one of my favorite cliffs (and maybe a lot of other people's favorite as well) in the whistler backcountry called Sunset cliffs. They're somewhat famous in the whistler i guess. They face the sun from late afternoon on so the light is usually amazing but sometimes that ruins the landing, and when it is good it's usually hard to be there first. But when you get it the cliffs are soo fun.

Quite a few years ago Jon Cartright backside 360'd off the top of the cliff. Which in my eyes set the standard for that cliff, and has been rarely repeated. Hitting this cliff natural and spinning is really tough due to a fairly downhill takoff. Nevermind it's a good size drop as well.
For the past while I've been daydreaming about spinning a frontside 360 off the finger (first try in the video) as it has a somewhat reasonable takeoff for a natural hit. But i missed and the takeoff sorta avi'd out which made me start looking around and higher. I quickly decided a rebate off the top was in order. So back up I went and before I could really think about the downhill takeoff (or turning on my POV cam), I found myself dropping, spinning and stomping. I rode out yelling with both jeff's quickly joining in. But that's just the highlight of my day. Both jeff and Brendan definitely had their moments of awesome riding as well.
It's nearly the same feeling watching your friends land their tricks as it is for me to land mine. There's so much time prepping for a shot, missing and bailing, getting back up there, trying again. Getting cheered on or doing the cheering. It's awesome when it all finally works out.
Thanks for the good day boys, and thanks to Patterson for pushing the camera buttons. can't wait for the next time.

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