i hate hospitals!

Finally getting closer to knowing what i did to my ankle. I've had 3 rounds of xrays, a ct scan and a MRI. still waiting to hear on the MRI results but the CT scan came back good. I didn't crack any bones, which was a big concern with the mechanism of my injury. So, now waiting to hear if i bruised the bones, pulled any ligaments off the bone or just really super sprained it.

So lots of physio right now. i've gotten the OK to jump a little bit and ride my bike. My good mtn bike got stolen so i'm road riding on my very first mtn bike, which is 20 years old. Never thought i'd train for the olympics on it. it's got hockey tape holding the seat together, the bars, gouple gears don't work, seat doesn't stay straight, frame's a little bent. it's so sweet the thieves didn't dare take it when they took all the other bikes from my garage.

So if you're around squamish and see some dude with a fro, pedalling like crazy on an old fully rigid mtn bike, probably in sandals, that's probably me.
and if i'm screaming, it's cause the brakes hardly work on that bike.

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